What is the blue screen of death?

What is the blue screen of death?  What causes it and how can it be fixed?  The blue screen of death is an error that occurs when a critical error causes your PC to stop working like it is supposed to.
Many different things can cause the critical error to take place.  Outdated or corrupted drivers are the number one cause of this error.  If you want to avoid this error in the future, you should update your drivers.  Install a driver update software and let it do its job.  After this is done, your driver errors will be nonexistent.
The same applies to registry errors, which are the number two cause of blue screen of death errors.  If you install a registry cleaner program (highly recommended!) and let it scan your computer, it will clean out your registry for you in a matter of minutes and fix your registry errors.
Finally, if you have issues revolving around memory, it may be time to replace your memory stick.  It is good to replace your memory stick every now and then to increase maximum space on your PC.  If you follow these tips, your computer will no longer show you the blue screen of death error.

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