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¢      You will come across some huge numbers all facts and verifiable.
¢      I am not here to convince you. You have to convince yourself.
¢      You will come across many new concepts & therefore bound to have questions. Kindly keep your queries till end as the presentation flow will logically clarify all your doubts & queries. In case you still have any queries feel free to share at the end.
¢      Mind is like a parachute & it works only when it is open so we would request you to hear this plan with an open mind so that you get the big picture.


¢             Extra income
¢             Early retirement
¢             Having own business
¢             Personal development
¢             Financial freedom


¢    Established 1998, based on Hong Kong, under the name of QI Limited.
¢    Operated in more than 160 countries, has only 18 offices! Because it is 100% E-commerce.
¢    Tide up with big associations like Fifa, Ferrari, UNFA.
¢    Its turn over around 2bilUS$/year, where its customers hit 6 mil all over the world.
¢    It is the biggest network marketing company in Asia, & the fastest growing company in the world.

The U.S presidential election runner up indicated that: "Network marketing has proven itself to be a viable and rewarding source of income, and the challenges could be just right for you. There have been some remarkable examples of success, and those successes have been earned through diligence, enthusiasm and the right product combined with timing. As with so many issues, there are tangibles and intangibles involved, but success is not a total mystery, and that applies to network marketing, as well."                                                                                                                             Donald Trump
 "Why we recommend  Network Marketing?" By Donald O'Reilly Trump

         Small investment business
         Lowest risk
         It is growing in the recession
Today, you will  get the full business plan,
after that you will have one of the three following choices:
1) Listen , then do nothing.
2) Listen , you can buy the product to enjoy it, and also do nothing.

  •  Adiva Divine Costume Jewelry products.

  •  BERNHARD H-MAYER DEPUIS 1871  products.

  •  Himalayan Crystal Collection. 
  •  JR Mayer Collections .
  •  QVI Club A World Of Choice(Vacation packages) .
  •  RYTHM House Publishing In Service Through Knowledge.
  • Umayal Celebrating Nature Collection. 

 3) Listen , you can buy the product to enjoy it, and

                   Do Business...

The Power of Duplication — Binary Compensation Plan (BCP)

After you buy one of the products you become an independent representative for distributing the company's products and can start your own network,so it's you 2 legs one on your left one on your right side,you only have to look for 2 direct Independent Representatives (IRs) that is, to place one on your left and one on your right leg. These 2 legs directly placed with you are called Tracking Centres (TCs). Then you have to help and train them to duplicate the process. They will also have to find 2 new Independent Representatives (IRs) under each of them . Primarily you have to work with your right and left TCs to balance or match the product transactions measured in Unit Volumes (UVs) in order to qualify for the commissions.
Additional recruits made by you will be placed at levels below the first level. This “spillover” is one of the most attractive features since you need only sponsor two IRs to participate in the compensation plan so basically 

 your going to find a side that's working and extending on it's own and a side that needs more work on expanding and getting more potential distributors on it.

 This concept is truly “People-Helping-People” and the ultimate example of a "win-win situation".

You mange everything through the website (www.qnet.net) is available in multiple languages and acts as the portal to the business centre for IRs, known as the Virtual Office, which in itself is a highly evolved online office where IRs monitor and control their business.

RHYTHM : Really Help You To Help Mankind!The binary system pays based on the unit volumes (UVs) of the weaker of the two legs or Tracking Centres. However, the unused unit volumes of the stronger leg shall be carried forward to the next weekly pay period. QuestNet Marketing Plan is not based on balancing or matching on the number of Members/ Independent Representatives (IRs) on both sides but rather the Group Unit Volumes from the product sales generated from both Tracking Centres. This is a legal Network  Marketing , not a pyramid scheme or a get-rich quick scheme.

  • Binary Earnings are determined by the sales accomplished on the Left & Right of each Tracking Centre (TC).
  • Maximum Levels of Earnings in the Binary are dependent on the Compensation Level attained by the Independent Representative (IR).
  • Compensation Levels are achieved by the number of personally sponsored Independent Representatives that are Activated and Qualified.

  • Commissions are paid weekly!
  • Matching of 1 to 2 Unit Volumes (UVs) on both sides of TCs will be allocated with commission of USD50 and USD200 respectively. This shall be credited to the member’s e-account or e-wallet. Matching of 3 UVs will be paid a commission of USD250.00 (minimum payout) which can be withdrawn by  mailing cheques,deposits to your bank account,e-Cards or your own Qnet debit Card ,the payment method choice is yours,what suits you the best.


Difference between QuestNet and other Network Marketing Companies

• No sharing of commissions. (all levels are equal)

• Every 3 points L and every 3 points R, you get a cheque

• No monthly sales or Maintenance Quota.

• No breakaways. If your down line promotes this program in another country , you  still earn the point so you can promote this through the internet.


• One time purchase

• NO confusing percentages or multi-level schemes

• Direct and Indirect same commissions

• NO time limits, quotas, targets

• Commission calculated weekly

• Cheques paid out weekly

• Global business i.e. no geographical boundary



LEFT          RIGHT           INCOME/WEEK

3                     3        =       USD 250

6                     6        =       USD 500

9                     9        =       USD 750

12                   12        =       USD 1,000

15                   15        =       USD 1,250

18                   18        =       USD 1,500

v                     v                     v

180                180        =      USD 15,000

 Residual Income Plan

The Residual Income Plan is a complimentary plan to the existing Binary
Compensation Plan. Anyone with a qualified Tracking Centre (TC) on the
Binary Plan can earn from the Residual Income plan.

Under the Residual Income Plan, you will earn commissions and bonuses for referring people who end up purchasing products from QuestNet (i.e. BERNHARD H-MAYER DEPUIS 1871 products,QVI Club vacation packages....etc) without having to balance your volume,it's the 10% retail commission that you get from the people who only buy the product for their own consumption and won't do the business.

Several Opportunities to Earn

1. Retail Profit from Sales of Products to Retail Customers

2. Compensation from volume accumulated from each  sale in your down lines

The power of the QuestNet Compensation Plan is awesome because
it puts all qualified sales in your down line to work for you!

Compensation Plan

1. Basic Residual Income: Direct Referral 6% of BV, Indirect Referrals up to 4th level: 3%, 9%, 15%
2. Infinity Bonus: 0%, 1.5%, 3.0%, 4.5%, 6% (min 6 direct referrals and above)
3. Generational Bonus: 1.5% of BV
4. World Pool Bonus

Assuming that all Independent Representative (IR) will recruit 2 new IRs within a period of 30 days from the date they joined QNet. Of course, some IR are merely customers and not really Business Customers who intend to earn a passive income by following the Business Plan.
Assuming in the first year, all the IRs under your 2 teams follow the Business Plan and recruit 30 IRs for each Tracking Centres (TCs).  For each matching of 3 UVs, a commission of USD250 will be paid. So for 30 IRs, the commission payable will be USD2,500.00.
In the next 6 months, each team of 60 IRs will recruit 50% success i.e., 30 IRs only instead of 60 new IRs. This will generate another USD2,500.00.
In the following 3 months, each team of 90 IRs will recruit 30 new IRs. Commission payable will be another USD2,500.00.
In the subsequent 1 week, each team of 120 IRs will recruit another 30 new IRs and commission payable will be USD2,500.00.
After 2 years, each team will expect to grow to 150 IRs by binary progression. So in a day, each team may be capable to recruit 30 new IRs. So the income in a day is USD2,500.00.
Hence if all IRs share the same vision and mission to attain financial freedom, the Business Plan will work.
Is such Business Plan sustainable? Now the 30 IRs is assumed to be 30 UVs since each new IR have to obtain 1 UV to activate his Trading Centres (TCs). In term of product sales volume, the percentage of commission payout ratio to total sales volume is only 0.0833%. Even if there are 600 IRs in your Tracking Centres (TCs) sharing the product sales, the total commission is only about 50% of the  Product Sales Volumes. QUESTNET has been around for 9 years and has sustained all these while. Plan your future today with QUESTNET!.

The Worst Case Scenario

Because the Business Plan offered is so solid and strong,
lets look at an even worse-case scenario than the
10-Month Potential. (Provided there are SOME ACTIVITIES)
The Basic Assumption is that One person takes ONE FULL
YEAR to complete TWO Steps i.e 6 on the LEFT and 6 on the

YEAR            LEFT         RIGHT         INCOME

Year 1            6                  6                       USD 500

Year 2          72                72                    USD 6 000

Year 3          864             864                 USD 72 000

Year 4          10,368      10,368          USD 864,000

TOTAL INCOME :                                USD 942,500

And on top of that you still have a product you bought that could be consumed or sold...



For Registration and starting your own


Skype: danuka.ranasinghe

Call: 0720316051





Internet Money Earning in Sri Lanka - ජාලීය අලෙවිකරණය

network marketing bill gatesජාලීය අලෙවිකරණ ව්‍යාපාරයට සම්භන්ධ වී මසකට රු. ලක්ෂගණනින් ආදායම වැඩි කරගන්න ඔබටත් අවස්ථාවක්....

ඔබ දැනටමත් රැකියාවක් කරන අතර අමතර ආදාම් මාර්ගයක් හෝ පූර්ණකාලීන ආදායම් මාර්ගයක් ලෙස මෙම ව්‍යාපාරය පවත්වාගෙන යා හැක.

සාමාන්‍ය රැකියාවක හා මෙම රැකියාවේ ඇති වෙනස්කම් කිහිපයක්...

                                                                                 වෙනත් රැකියාවක්   |   ජාලීය අලෙවිකරණ ව්‍යාපාරය
01. ඔබ දිනපතා රැකියාවට යා යුතුයි.                                      YES                                  NO                  
02. ඔබ හිටියත් නැතත් මුදල් ලැබෙයි.                                    NO                                  YES             
03. ඔබගේ Partners ලට ඉදිරියට යාමට උදව් කිරීම.                NO                                  YES             
04. ඔබගේ ආදායම දිනෙන් දින වැඩි වීම.                               NO                                  YES  
05. රැකියාව අවිනිශ්චිතයි.                                                       YES                                  NO

මෙම ව්‍යාපාර 100% ලංකාවේ නීත්‍යනුකූලයි.
(මෙය බෙස්ට් ලයිෆ් වැනි මන්දගාමී ව්‍යාපාරයක් හෝ නීති විරෝදී පිරමීඩ වැනි ජාවාරම් ක්‍රමයක් නොවේ.)

network marketing sri lanka


network marketing sri lanka

ඔබට මෙම ව්‍යාපාරය සම්භන්ධවීමට අවශ්‍යනම් මාව සම්බන්ධ කරගන්න.. 

Ask More : ikman.us

මසකට රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 60 ක් නෙට්වර්ක් මාකටින් හරහා

Network Marketing සමග සම්භන්ධ වී

ඔයාලගෙ නම, ගම, දුරකතන අංකය, මට SMS කරන්න.

මම මේ කියන්නෙ නෙට්වර්ක් මාකටින් ගැන පමණි. පිරමීඩ ගැන කථා කරන්නනම් මට කෝල් ගන්න එපා :)
මොකද එහෙම අය, අහ අහ හතරවටේට බොරු කිය කිය ඉන්න අය නිසා අනිත් මිනිස්සුන්ටත් වල කපන අය..  එහෙම අය මේ බිස්නස් එකට  ගැලපෙන්නෙ නැහැ. 
danata lankawe athi Network Marketing company atharin Global Lifetyle ekata thamai Web site ekak hariyata thiyenne.  Web Site : http://ikman.us/
Me company eka gana Neth fm eke hamadama wage mada gahanawa. NETH fm eke inne boru kaarayo tikak. Media eken publicity eka ganna dagalanne. Me business eka karanna kisi dekata baya wenna epa. Company ekata kisima deyak wenne na. Lankawe 10 weni thanata income tax gewana company ekak Global lifetyle lanka company eka.

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Easy way to approve Adsence annount 2015

Easy way to approve Adsence annountEasy steps to Approve Google Adsence Account : Google Adsence world’s top 1st advertising network to give high revenue on ads. Why hard to approve Google Adsence – because of its rules and regulations, Google says : that currently your site does not fulfill this criteria. Yes, now Google does not accept any website easily without valuable content and huge traffic. See if you write any articles by your-self, means don’t copy from other websites. Obviously, users will automatically attract toward your content and they will appreciate you.

In these days Google searching valuable content, some website have duplicate content, they copied from others websites and paste to own, after this Google does not index them pages and they say’s, their is hard to approve Adsence.

You know ‘What Google Want’ just unique content

Google Adsence approval is very easy, if you will follow the method properly. Their is no any hard-work to approve it. Seriously you will get maximum revenue through ads that showing on your Website or Blog.

I am going to share some personal experience with you, their is no any shortcut to approve Adsence, you must need some patience. I also got the approval after 4-5 retry.

Read Before Apply Google Adsence :

  • Don’t hurry for submit your site.
  • Just see your blog again about its rank and traffic source place.
  • Remove all ads before submit your website in Adsence form.
  • Website content must be 100% pure (don’t copy from others websites) : VERY IMPORTANT THING
  • Try to generate more traffic from organic search.
  • Mention your Email ID on your website Contact Us or Privacy Policy Page.
  • Update your Privacy Policy and About Us page.
  • Work-hard on your popular keywords.
  • And last : Please submit your exact details in Adsence from.
If you going to apply for Adsence after read this method, so, please stop and see your website is eligible accordingly to this tips, as i mentioned on front page.

If you still receiving error message after 2-3 retry, means your website is not under criteria accordingly to Adsence rules and regulations. Don’t worry we have one more method Submit your website Here and put your website URL and Email ID, we will check your website and revert back soon.

If you will follow these rules, definitely get the approval. Go and submit, Good Luck [​IMG]

( Written by Chirag on TechSpouse )