Easy way to approve Adsence annount 2015

Easy way to approve Adsence annountEasy steps to Approve Google Adsence Account : Google Adsence world’s top 1st advertising network to give high revenue on ads. Why hard to approve Google Adsence – because of its rules and regulations, Google says : that currently your site does not fulfill this criteria. Yes, now Google does not accept any website easily without valuable content and huge traffic. See if you write any articles by your-self, means don’t copy from other websites. Obviously, users will automatically attract toward your content and they will appreciate you.

In these days Google searching valuable content, some website have duplicate content, they copied from others websites and paste to own, after this Google does not index them pages and they say’s, their is hard to approve Adsence.

You know ‘What Google Want’ just unique content

Google Adsence approval is very easy, if you will follow the method properly. Their is no any hard-work to approve it. Seriously you will get maximum revenue through ads that showing on your Website or Blog.

I am going to share some personal experience with you, their is no any shortcut to approve Adsence, you must need some patience. I also got the approval after 4-5 retry.

Read Before Apply Google Adsence :

  • Don’t hurry for submit your site.
  • Just see your blog again about its rank and traffic source place.
  • Remove all ads before submit your website in Adsence form.
  • Website content must be 100% pure (don’t copy from others websites) : VERY IMPORTANT THING
  • Try to generate more traffic from organic search.
  • Mention your Email ID on your website Contact Us or Privacy Policy Page.
  • Update your Privacy Policy and About Us page.
  • Work-hard on your popular keywords.
  • And last : Please submit your exact details in Adsence from.
If you going to apply for Adsence after read this method, so, please stop and see your website is eligible accordingly to this tips, as i mentioned on front page.

If you still receiving error message after 2-3 retry, means your website is not under criteria accordingly to Adsence rules and regulations. Don’t worry we have one more method Submit your website Here and put your website URL and Email ID, we will check your website and revert back soon.

If you will follow these rules, definitely get the approval. Go and submit, Good Luck [​IMG]

( Written by Chirag on TechSpouse )