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Top Network Marketing Companies in sri lanka

Walla Patta | Agarwood and Walla patta in Sri Lanka

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Agarwood and Walla patta in Sri Lanka

Agarwood and Walla patta in Sri Lanka

Agarwood and Walla patta in Sri Lanka

Agarwood and Walla patta in Sri Lanka

Illegal harvesting of Walla patta
Catching the smugglers of Walla patta has become a frequent event in Sri Lanka and it has been given a huge publicity by both electronic and printed media since 2012. Unfortunately, the facts given in most of such media articles are very much misleading and forcing the poor people to cut the trees for nothing. However, thus publicity increased the awareness which cause an immense destruction of this valuable resource.

Home Visit Massage Therapist in Sri lanka


Personal, Personal classifieds, Personal ads, Sri Lankan best & largest classified ... Im a 23 years old male professional therapist from colombo and im clean and ... Home and hotel visit Massage for local and foreign ladies and couple.

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ෆොරෙක්ස් මගින් දිනකට රු 500,000 ක් උවද ඉපයීම ඉතාම පහසුයි. Forex Market" මුලින්ම අපි මේ වචන දෙක හඳුනා ගන්න උත්සාහ කරමු. Forex කියන්නෙ Foreign Exchange කියන එකට. Market කියන එකනම් හැමෝම දන්නවනෙ ඉතින්. මෙන්න මේ වචන දෙක එකතු වෙලා තමයි Forex Market කියන එක හැදිල තියෙන්නෙ.
Internet Money Sinhala 2017

A Terrifying Truth Why You’re Unable To Move When You Awake At Night | Sleep Paralysis

No One can Deny this Truth, Everyone has Experienced this at Night. When you Feel you are Awake Suddenly, with your Eyes Closed, but you are Unable to Get Up or Move. This may Remind us of a Scene from a Horror Flick. But this is True. Not Once but it Happens Many Times to You.
Sleep Paralysis
So What can be the Reason as to Why this Happens  quite Often. Let’s Go down and Find Out

1. This is What Happens
Somewhere it’s Written in the Business Insider, that there are some Several Social and Psychological Factors that Influence the Condition of Sleep Paralysis. A Paper in 2011 Merged 35 Studies and from almost 36,000 Participants Experience, was found that 7.6% of the Entire Population Experiences Sleep Paralysis. Most of these are Students with a Disrupted Sleep Pattern and People suffering with Mental Instability, like Anxiety and Depression

2. When the Brain Is Awake then Why Doesn’t the Body Move ?
All this is Rooted down to the Three or Four Stages of Non-REM, also known as the Rapid Eye Movement. It’s Possible to Dream in all Stages of Sleep, but the Dreams that Takes Place in REM Sleep are more Real. This is the Dream where you Find yourself Falling from Somewhere High, and the Whole thing Feels Real, Isn’t It ?
Sleep Paralysis

3. During the REM Sleep the Brain is very much Alive and Active, People usually become Paralyzed During this Time.

4. As Many Believe that The Body is Unable to React, though you are Unconsciously Awake. This is called REM Antonia

5. How Long Does this Moment Last ?
This Effect usually lasts for Few Minutes or Some Seconds. Many Feel the Presence of Someone at that Time. This Happens Mostly to People Who are Depressed and Sad
6. For your Knowledge there are Three Different Types of Sleep Paralysis or Hallucinations which can Happen are “Incubus”, “Intruder” and  “Unusual Bodily Experiences”

7. Incubus
An Intense Pressure on the Chest and Breathlessness. This Happens Due to Fear

8. Intruder
A Feeling of Someone’s Presence, fear, Visual and Auditory Hallucinations. Slightest of Sound can Get you to Panic and get you all Frightened Up.

9. Unusual Body Experiences
A Feeling as if you are Rising or Flying Around the Room. Different Areas of the Brain are Active  During this Period of Half Sleeping.

10. With Many of Us having Sleep Paralysis, Prevention Therefore Seems to be Impossible. But One Option Helps Reduce this Paralysis is by Sleeping On Your Sides, but for How Long?

Source - No One Care

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Prepaid Internet Plans - Airtel Sri Lanka

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Sri lanka best prepaid Internet Plans from Airtel. ...
 Smart Phone Packs. Rs. 215, Rs. 315, Rs. 675. Data Bundle, Rs. 215512MB, Rs. 3151GB, Rs. 6751.5GB.

 Airtel Sri Lanka
Downloader Range

Rs. 59Rs. 95
Data BundleRs. 59Anytime300MB Night Time400MBRs. 95Anytime450MB Night Time350MB
SMS A2ARs. 59-Rs. 955
Validity (Days)Rs. 594Rs. 9514
ActivationRs. 59 Reload Yes Card Yes *59# D59 to 155Rs. 95 Reload Yes Card Yes *95# D95 to 15

Sinhala Tamil Aluth Avurudu Litha 2017

2017 Sinhala New Year Litha. 2017 Tamil New Year Auspicious Times. 2017 Auspicious Times. අලුත් අවුරුදු ලිත 2017
2017 sinhala litha

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