Make Your Blogger Images Search Engine Friendly

If you are a blogger then you will be quite familiar with the term SEO. It stands for Search engine optimization. The better SEO the better your blog will perform in search engines.

If you read SEO tips anywhere you will find that your blog article must be search engine optimized so that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc can crawl your blog easily. Search engines crawl words which are available in your article but what about your blog images. 

Images are not read by search engines but there are tips that will make your blog images read and crawl by search engines. You can make your images SEO friendly by using Title and Alt tags. Below is an example.

1. Image not optimized for search engines
<img src=" .jpg " />

2. Image optimized for search engines
<img src=" .jpg" title="seo" alt="seo" />

The first image URL is not search engine optimized but you can see the second image URL is having title and alt tags and the search engine will now read the image as seo.
Add ALT and TITLE Tags in Blogger Images

Insert the image that you want to use in your post and select it. It will show you various options like size, alignment, caption, properties, etc. Click Properties and enter the title and alt tags in the boxes.

Make Your Blogger Images Search Engine Friendly

Once you have added these tags hover your mouse on the image and it will show you the title of the image. See below. It is important that you must use atl and title tags related to your post and it should not be too lengthy. It should explain the image so that search engines can understand about the image.


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